On behalf of Boeing I want to personally thank you and A1 Electric for the outstanding work performed on the Substations 1 & 13 replacement project. Your crews successfully completed a difficult job within a very aggressive timeframe.

In particular, I’d like to commend both Eric Cashman and Mike Antoine for their parts in completing the project.

Eric’s competence and knowledge were displayed through his quick response time, scheduling, and overall management of the project.
Eric stepped in and supported Boeing’s requirements several times throughout the project even when he was not required to do so.
Without his efforts this project would not have been successful. His efforts are very much appreciated.

As for Mike, I can’t express how impressed I am with what he was able to accomplish. He somehow grasped the full scope of what was required and brought it together successfully. Anyone close to the project understands the effort it took to do this. Mike not only ran the crews but took care of every detail as well. Several times I saw him personally step in and take charge just to make sure something got done and got done right. He was always available when I needed to discuss something with him and he always had the answer to any question. Having worked with Mike in the past, I knew he would do a good job. This time he went above and beyond that. It was a pleasure to work with him. I am grateful for all he did.

My thanks to A1 Electric for their work on this project.

Brad Montgomery
Boeing Project Manager