New Construction

There has been a dramatic increase in new construction projects since the economic boom in 2008. This increased development has lead A-1 Electric Service Company Inc. to be the go-to electrical contractor in the Los Angeles area because of our high reputation for the knowledge our electricians have gained from working on new construction sites.

A-1 Electric Service Company has the ability to execute all types of new construction projects. We are actively working on new construction projects in the aerospace sectors, medical facilities, privately owned high and low rise buildings and public works arenas. Our experience gives us the advantage, with knowledge and foresight, to accomplish electrical installations on time providing the customer with a quality installation.

Historical Buildings

Working with historical buildings and landmarks can be a challenge for many remodelers. When A-1 Electric Service Company’s Electricians work on a historical building or remodeling project we know that our electricians completely understand the unique and physical conditions of the property. We pride ourselves in knowing the historical elements and features to a buildings history.

Our electricians have the ability to uphold the integrity of these buildings while incorporating the up to date codes for the state. When working on the remodeling of historical buildings A-1 Electric follows all major guidelines. A-1 Electric is dedicated to complying with accessibility requirements and fire-code standards.

Trouble Shooting

A-1 Electric Service Co., has the ability to diagnose and repair all types of electrical installation. Our employees have diverse, multi-faceted work experience giving them insight into common and complex electrical issues. We strive to keep our employees current on the most up to date training and products with continuing education courses.

We have a large service truck department and can respond to all emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call A-1 Electric Service Company Inc. you can be confident you will receive well trained electricians who can meet all of your needs.

Moreover, we have the latest technologies available to diagnose your electrical system using state of the art power meter monitoring. Our electricians are knowledgeable and understand complex electrical systems, which gives them the ability to locate irregularities and make the proper repairs.

24 Hour Service and Emergency Response

Waiting until the next day might not always be an option when you have an electrical emergency. A-1 Electric offers you 24/7 Electrical Services and Emergency Response, 365 days a year. Our highly qualified electricians are ready to execute whatever tasks required to restore your services.

We have service technicians located throughout the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas, which allows us to rapidly respond to any emergency.

If you have an emergency response situation and are in need of an immediate electrician please contact our direct line at (310) 204-1077 and will have an A-1 Electric electrician at your facility or work site as soon as possible.

Computer Wiring

Although not as prudent as in the past, A-1 Electric has the ability to provide all your computer room electrical needs. From UPS uninterruptable power supplies to 2 mega-watt generator installations all the way to the terminations of your computer low voltage network cabling A-1 Electric will exceed your requirements.

Design / Build

A-1 Electric Service Company Inc. offers a turn-key design build project approach. We with our engineering partners can provide the required permits to any size project much more efficiently, saving our customers’ time and money.

The design build process allows A-1 Electric Service Company to achieve the most cost effective solution as well as providing the customer with a final product that truly fulfills their needs.

Many of our customers do not have the time, patience, or money to meet with an engineer to discuss all the required issues to permit and complete a new electrical construction project.

A-1 Electric Service Company takes pride in the planning and discussing process of design build because we can ensure the customers’ needs are being met. Many projects are small enough we can pull permits over the counter avoiding engineering fees completely.


Completing projects within budget and on time sounds simple but to provide a quality installation for the same pricing depends on the contractor you entrust with your company’s money. A-1 Electric believes our customers deserve the quality work they are paying for. Too often under qualified electrical installers rush through electrical installations at the cost of quality. Having a contractor that understands the quality expectations of the customer is critical to the success of any project.

A-1 Electric understands that the first priority on any project is the quality control of the installation. This insures that the custom gets what they paid for and return visits are reduced or eliminated. As a company we strive to continue our long history of being one of the best in the industry and the go to contractor for any electrical need. Quality is never compromised and
installations are conducted with the end user in mind.


Electrical maintenance is an aspect of the electrical industry that is often over looked. By performing the proper maintenance on electrical systems, potential hazards and damage to equipment can be avoided. Unmaintained electrical equipment has the potential to fail and in extreme cases hurt personnel and damage property.

A-1 electric offers maintenance services tailored specifically to your facility and schedule. We take pride in working with our customers to make sure that maintenance tasks are scheduled at a time that will minimize the impact on an active facility.

Off hours, weekends and holiday schedules can be coordinated to insure this. If your facility is a 24/7 operation, we can work with your team to find viable solutions, such as temporary generator power, to keep you up and running during the electrical work. If you are in need of electrical maintenance or are not
sure when the last time your equipment was serviced, trust A-1 Electric to find the right maintenance solutions for your facility.


Testing of electrical systems is a service that all quality electrical contractors must offer. Through testing an electrical contractor can identify current issues or potential future problems. This service can potentially save a customer large dollar values by avoiding electrical hazards and costly shut downs for incident repairs.

A-1 Electric offers electrical testing by qualified, state licensed electricians. These electricians are certified to test live equipment and are knowledgeable on a wide range of equipment and voltages. After testing is completed, itemized reports are produced to show the customer the state of their electrical system. This critical information can be used to plan current needs or be archived to document the state of an electrical system at time of testing. With over 85 years in the electrical industry, A-1 Electric has the experience to meet your needs.


Industrial Electrical Contractors

A-1 Electrical Service Company is a leader in Industrial Electrical Contracting and Turnkey Engineering, & Integration providing skilled craftsmanship, impeccable performance along with competitive pricing to customers across Southern California. We provide businesses with the electricians and knowledge required to get the project done, on time and within budget.

Industrial Contract Maintenance

For over 80 years, A-1 Electrical Service Company has worked to become a leader in providing cost-effective commercial and industrial contract maintenance services to our Industrial clients. Our continuous contracts with large and medium size firms are an indication of our value in the Industrial sector.

Industrial Electrical Design

A-1 Electrical Service Company prides itself on the reputation that it has built while providing electrical design, electrical design, electrical installation and electrical maintenance for industrial processing facilities.


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